Chad’s experience working with healthcare clients makes him well-versed in identifying digital media strategies that work with lasting impact. In working with our clinical research collaborative program, Chad was able to quickly spotlight content and showcase it with clean design that helped elevate our brand online. I greatly appreciate his insights and tenacity in connecting topics with the right audiences and look to him to further refine our organization’s stakeholder analysis that will translate into a digital media plan that hope to attract additional collaborations in infectious disease research and military medicine.

— Rita, client

I had the distinct pleasure of working for Chad on the video portion of the new Boston Children’s Hospital website. Chad always exemplified the characteristics of a great leader during my tenure on this project. He was always firm and fair with deadlines, willing to listen to new creative approaches, and was always the first person to give recognition to a job well done. It was a pleasure building a relationship with Chad not only in work at Genuine Interactive, but as a friend as well. I truly hope that I have the good fortune in my career to work with Chad again.

— Michael, colleague

I have the pleasure of working with Chad on the redesign project. It was a large, complex project with many challenges but Chad managed to keep things moving smoothly. He has been a great resource for strategic guidance and creative ideas. He is extremely personable, knowledgeable and would be an asset to any team!

— Alison, client

Chad provides monthly articles for Marketing:Health, which I edit, along with dozens of other such weekly newsletters. Not only are Chad’s articles sent to me on time, they are always well researched and written so that the average reader can understand sometimes complex subjects. Chad makes my job easier, which is what every editor wants and needs.

— Nina, editor

Chad recently managed the redesign of a highly political and highly complex, 28,000 page website for our organization. He did so with such diplomacy and perception, that he was able to ensure buy-in from every level of the organization, ranging from IT to administrative to clinical. Throughout the development process, Chad showed an uncanny ability to provide resourceful solutions to everything from creative direction to technical specifications, and provided a high quality product within significant deadline and budget constraints. As a result of the incredible work Chad has done on this project, our team has chosen to partner with him on all of our major web initiatives going forward.

— Gina, client

Working with Chad on the redesign of the Children’s Hospital website was a pleasure. The man is a human dynamo. He’s a prolific writer, creative thinker and is incredibly well-rounded. What impressed me most was his ability to offer expert advice on so many facets of the project — from coding to copywriting. Though I can’t say I miss his spreadsheets, I appreciated his attention to detail, flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile. Superb experience!

— Michael, client

I hired Chad to create a website for me at Chad was a true partner in bringing this site together, put enormous care and effort into the work, and produced exceptional results. Besides having high-level technical chops, a great design sense, scads of tenacity, and serious troubleshooting skills, Chad was the source of many of the best ideas for reworking the site, from the neat way we treat the bios, down to the (much tidier than what we’d planned) name for the “Stage/Screen” category. It really helps that he’s got great content skills to go with his web dev background. Chad also has an excellent mix of informed opinions, combined with flexibility — something I think just about every client wants. I was delighted with his work and I’d highly recommend him for your website development and design needs.

— Dan, client

Chad did great work in the first live blog we produced at Yoga Journal’s Estes Park Conference. He was totally professional and cheerful under pressure.

— Martin, client

We hired Chad to redesign the Stevens Strategy website and set up an electronic newsletter for our clients and friends. He did an outstanding job at a very fair price. I recommend him without reservation.

— John, client

Chad and I shared similar responsibilities for different divisions at O’Reilly Media. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and good humor made him a great person to work with. He was unfailingly generous with his time and expertise, never reluctant to tackle a thorny problem and lead the way to a solution.

— Caitrin, colleague

I had the opportunity to work closely with Chad on a number of projects. Not only was Chad a true pleasure to work with, but he was unfailingly enthusiastic and brought creative technical solutions to the problems we faced.

— Sara, colleague

Chad and I worked together at O’Reilly’s Missing Manual series for an all-too-brief 2 years. Chad’s an amazingly resourceful, highly self-motivated, jack-of-all digital tools guy. From Facebook to Twitter, from Movable Type to klugy homegrown content management tools, there was no tool that Chad couldn’t master in short order. He also demonstrated considerable acumen in navigating the human elements behind the systems he worked on. Chad was an incredibly productive member of the Missing Manual team and I can recommend him highly and without reservation.

— Peter, supervisor

Chad is an incredibly bright guy who can look at a situation and solve problems with both people and technology. In the pre-startup days at Eons, he saw a need for a content management system, figured out how to build one by adapting blogging software, and put in long hours to make it happen by launch. Far from being just a techie, though, he’s got a solid understanding of Web content, and I frequently relied on his ability to analyze situations and get the job done. I recommend him highly and would go out of my way to work with him again.

— Patricia, colleague

Chad is great to work with and has an amazing array of skills and interests that ensure innovative solutions for any problem or new project. He is always willing to “dive in” to a project and work to find a solution that fits both the technology and people needs. His ability to discuss and think through the project are key to getting the right solutions built and put into production. Chad also works hard to automate systems and work as much as possible to keep sites updated and editable with minimal effort from non-technical people. I miss working with Chad!

— Beth, colleague

Chad’s a self-starting expert in almost all things web-centric, an extremely efficient and hard worker who consistently goes the extra mile. A curious and highly motivated staffer who’s a pleasure at work.

— Brian, supervisor

Since my time with Chad at, he has ambitiously tackled several daunting challenges in the online world. Along the way, he acquired an amazing wealth of knowledge and skills in the fields of journalism, design and systems management, to name a few. I view Chad as a resource for many of the real-world problems I face as a marketing design professional and his social-networking abilities continue to be as impressive as they come.

— Shannon, colleague

Chad was when he worked at The Washington Post, and continues to be in his current work, industrious, creative and dedicated. He finds answers to tough problems and works to make sure the job is completed. He has many talents that apply in the world of communications and media.

— Neil, supervisor